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September Newsletter

September Shoot:
Saturday, September 9, is the scheduled shoot date. Targets to be announced Saturday morning. Regular time and fee's. Contact Chuck Haskell, Chief Range Officer at 706 329 0428 or John Bush, Club Affairs at 706 322 8914 for information. Jerry and John will do Lunch!

October Shoot
Saturday, October 14, Will be a WORK DAY to put the "THANKSGIVINGS SHOOT" events in place and do the necessary Range clean-up. There is not a lot of major work needed just grass cutting and weed-eating the Range and Campground. Please call if you can do some of the needed chores any time during the weeks before of after this date. If there is time we may shoot after lunch! Club will provide Lunch and Beverages. Meeting after lunch. Please bring "prizes" More Information to follow.

November   "Turkey Shoot "
Saturday 18  and  Sunday 19   Public is invited.  Raffle Tickets,   BBQ Supper for registered shooters, MUCH MORE!!! 

The Club does not have a scheduled shoot in December. Please advise if one needs to be schedule.

August Shoot Results
This was the BEST SHOOT the Club has had this year!  "15 Contestants , scores below, 2 left with their targets and 6 just shot for practice. 5 of us just watched .  27 total!!!!!   Many thanks to Ms BUSH and Ms MOONEY for serving a BBQ lunch with all the trimmings. One new member, Jim Putney.
Charles Nichols 122,  Bert Medina 155,  Joe Lamb 155,  Rebecca Gilbreath ?,  Rick Hopp 142,  Steve Whittington 88,  John Bush 167,  Chuck Haskell ?,  Steve Wilkes 131,  Charles Russell 133,  Billy Townsend 190,  Ken McAmis 163,  Bruce "Sgt Gill" Gilbreath 203,  David Morgan 152,  Billy Mooney 94 (shot wrong 25), Jim Fleming Sr. 179.


H.B. Aderhold, President  HB.Aderhold@Yahoo.com
706 570 6796  



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