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July Newsletter

July Shoot:
Saturday, July  15th is the date for this month shoot. Club decided at the June meeting to move date of the shoot to the 3rd weekend. We will shoot a 5 target match. Breakfast for the early birds, regular fee and a special lunch at 12:00. Hope someone will have a special event to celebrate July 4th.

June Shoot Results:
We had a good time busting little and medium size targets. Charles Nichols made a special tool to better attach hanging strings to various vegetables and fruit. He donated invention to the Club for future use.
We shot a 100 yd. single bull, 10 shots, just to have a official score. Scores listed below. Everyone enjoyed sausage biscuits and grits early and BB Q from local restaurant for lunch. 13 in attendance!
Off hand: C Russell 93, C Haskell 90, B Townsend 89, Joe Lamb 82, C Nichols 79, B Mooney 78

Greybeard: H Aderhold 96, J Bush 88, D Morgan 87

Hope everyone has a safe and  ENJOYABLE    JULY 4TH.  "weeklong" .

August Shoot Saturday 12th.


H.B. Aderhold, President  HB.Aderhold@Yahoo.com
706 570 6796  



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